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Call Us: 1800 50 30 10
Call Us: 1800 50 30 10
Easy and Affordable Single Touch Payroll for Small Business Owners...
STP Basic By SmartPayroll
Report Your Payroll To The ATO With The Click Of A Button!
STP Basic by SmartPayroll 
The Single Touch Payroll Ready Solution For Small Businesses!
If you’re employing one to four employees, congratulations! You can take advantage of STP Basic by SmartPayroll!
STP Basic gives you access to our STP payroll system, which means you can calculate employee wages and comply with Single Touch Payroll requirements for the low price of just $10 per month. 

What if you have more than four employees or want more from your payroll system? 
For employers that don't meet these requirements, or if you would like to take advantage of all the additional excellent things our system can do for you, we also offer our Premium SmartPayroll solution at one of the lowest prices on the market; providing access to awesome services such as:
  •  Automatic banking
  •  Super processing
  •  Direct payment of PAYG to the ATO
  •  Increased support from our Payroll Angels
  •  Plus more!
What is Single Touch Payroll?
From the 1st of July 2019, Single Touch Payroll (STP) will take over as the new method of reporting tax and super information to the ATO for Australian businesses with 19 or fewer employees.
This initiative by the ATO will not affect the way you pay your employees; however, it will mean reporting employee pay, PAYG and Super information with the ATO every pay run.
While your reporting obligations will increase, payroll software that is STP ready, such as SmartPayroll, will make paying your employees and fulfilling your obligations faster and easier.
And all with a click of a button.

Who Is Single Touch Payroll For?
On the 1st of July 2018, STP became mandatory for businesses with 20 or more employees.
From the 1st of July 2019, STP will become mandatory for all small business owners in Australia, those with fewer than 20 employees.
We are aware that for some small businesses with one to four employees, a full-service payroll software isn’t always needed.
So, to make things easier we’ve created STP Basic.
It’s our solution for small business owners who don’t necessarily need all the features of our premium product, but still want to make Single Touch Payroll a whole lot easier.

Be STP Ready In Three Easy Steps
Step 1 - Book A Call & Speak With One Of Our STP Experts By Clicking The Button Below or calling 1800 50 30 10.
Step 2 - Complete & Forward The Necessary Forms.
Step 3 - Complete Your FREE Comprehensive Training Session With A Member Of Our Team Who’ll Help You Set Up & Run Your First STP Payrun.
That’s it! In just 3 easy steps you’ll be STP ready and compliant.

What’s Changing?
Single Touch Payroll means you’ll no longer be providing your employees with a payment summary at the end of the year; instead, you’ll need to finalise your Single Touch Payroll reporting and notify the ATO by the 14th of July each year.
• The ATO will make information available to employees and their tax agents through ATO Online and will pre-fill each employee’s tax return.
• The ATO will provide assistance to employees that have difficulty accessing information online.
• You will have the option to invite your employees to complete their tax file number (TFN) declaration and superannuation standard choice forms online.

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